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Inspiring females in the Raw Material sector #5

14 April 2021 – On the fifth talk of the serie Inspiring Women in the Raw Materials Sector, Bodil Wilhelmsson, Project Leader at Cementa AB in Sweden part of Heidelberg Cement group, shared her experience and career in industry. She has more than 20 years’ experience in cement manufacturing R&D activities and nowadays she is focused on electrification projects aiming at developing enhanced carbon capture techniques. Our main takeaway from her talk are: i) “Being different makes it possible to extend the norm.” ii) It is always very important to have role models and more Women in Technology, both in academia and industry, can inspire young women generations to choose different career paths and create diverse working environment, which can certainly stimulate innovation. If you missed it out, watch it HERE ! The serie is jointly organized by Carolina Paes, Ilda Tole, Priya Perumal, and Aina Orell, and supported by the EIT Women and the EIT Raw Materials Alumni. 

Female Leadership Series #5: Negotiation skills

18 March 2021 – In this workshop we had Carolyn Brand as our guest speaker for a workshop on how to become a better negotiator. Carolyn prepared an interactive workshop where we learnt about the basics of negotiation, we identified our key strengths and we did a role play to put theory into practice.

Inspiring females in the Raw Material sector #4

15 March 2021 – On this fourth talk of the serie inspiring females in the raw material sector, Susan BernalProfessor of Structural Materials and EPSRC Early Career Fellow at the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds, shared her journey on the field of alternative cement, and waste valorisation.  Our main takeaway from her talk are: i) How important is a mentoring process; ii) Pave the way for future generations: we need to learn to be more open about certain topics such as maternity and talk about them, so we can support others that are coming behind us; iii) It is not a matter of how much you do, it is a matter of how well you do it. You can see the recordings HERE

Female Leadership Series #4: Decition making strategies

18 February 2021 – Giulia Marzetti who works as a policy officer in the European Commission, joined us to give us some tips on how to better structure our decision making strategies. This session gave great insights not only the your professional sphere but also for the personal life. It was a super interactive session where the participants got to know themselves a little bit better and understand what to take into consideration when facing important decisions.

Inspiring females in the Raw Material sector #3

15 February 2021 – On this third talk of the serie inspiring females in the raw material sector, Merissa de Boer (CEO and co-founder of SusPhos) shared her entrepreneurship journey on how she built up a pioneer compay focusing on upcycling of phosphate rich waste streams to generate hight-quality alternatives to replace current fossil-sourced pproducts. Our main take-away was to believe in yourself (I have never done it, so I think I can) and do what you are passionate about! You can see the recordings HERE

Female Leadership Series #3: Finding your superpower

26 January 2021 – This session looked into working through the positive power of being unique & on how to step into out superpower. Our guest speaker, Sarah Needman, a tech founder and a leadership coach that works with Tech founders, invited us to take the courage to throw off our invisibility cloak, stand up, be counted as the amazing, creative & whole human beings that we are.

Inspiring females in the Raw Material sector #2

12 January 2021 – On this second talk of the series inspiring females in the raw material sector, Sol Villar Abeytua (Senior Vice-President Organisation and HR at Atlantic Copper) shared her journey, and inspired us with her two-edges perspective (Chemical engineer by background and over 15 years working in HR). Our main take-away was talent, observation, and aligning with the company values. You can see the recordings HERE !

Bridge – The McKinsey Mentorship Program for [email protected]

A joint initiative by [email protected] and McKinsey Digital to recognize and support women with a background in technology. Along a six-month journey, starting in January 2021, McKinsey consultants will mentor a group of women afiliated to the EIT and share advice regarding their academic or professional advancement. The women that join the program will have the chance to learn more about McKinsey Digital and their work at the crossroads of business and technology. Moreover, they will hear from McKinsey consultants about how they foster a diverse and inclusive workplace and how they help their people thrive.

Inspiring females in the Raw Material sector #1

10 December 2020 – Inspiring Women in the Raw Materials sector talk series, jointly organised by EIT Women and EIT RawMaterils Alumni, kicked off on December 2020. It was a pleasure to start it with Prof. Mirja Illikainen at the University of Oulu (Finland), a brilliant team leader and scientist in a male domain. She led us to her career by sharing how she, with her inclusive team, has worked on different industrial side-streams and explored their potential as ecological cement. As a perfect role model herself, she is a strong supporter of women in technology-oriented careers that spark their interest. 

Panel discussion on Gender Databias in Applied AI

The Alumni CONNECT event is the annual meetup of the wider community. Over 150 Alumni from the EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities came together on 28 and 29 November to connect, build partnerships, co-create projects and work together to build and develop the EIT Alumni Community. This year the theme of the event was Responsible Consumption and Production.

[email protected], led by Aina Orell and Camilla Wikström, organized a panel discussion on the event on the topic of “Gender databias in Applied AI”. The spectacular panel consisted of Galina Esther Shubina (Co-founder of Gradient descent and Co-founder of Women in Data Science Sweden), Vinutha Magal Shreenath (Research lead at Women in AI Sweden), Ansgar Keone (Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader EY) and Karolina Drobotowicz (Researcher at Aalto University). The panel of experts discussed how we can use the opportunity of AI and data to become more gender equal by contributing to the implementation of the SDG 5 and, at the same time, reach  sustainability goals on consumption and production. The session also covered what organisations can do and what the consequences are if we don’t take the aspect of databias into consideration entering the new area of AI.

Female Leadership Series #2: Leading with effective communication

19 November 2020 – Communication is a core leadership function and a key characteristic of a good leader. For this reason, the second event of the EIT Women Leadership Series brought a very special and hands-on workshop on how to use the power of communication to become an effective and authentic leader. We invited an experienced communicator,Ana Santos-Carvalho, to lead the workshop.

Leadership Intensive Event 2020

7-8 November 2020 – The Leadership Intensive Event was a success! The event was done with the aim to scale up the [email protected] community and encourage the new Local Leaders to initiate activities at their Local Hub and to work together to close the gender leadership gap, the gender pay gap, and the gender investment gap. The event brought together women students and alumni of the EIT labeled programs, who had the ambition to act as Local Leaders, during two days full of workshops and knowledge sharing.

Female Leadership Series #1: Becoming a leader: EIT Alumni Stories

14 October 2020 – We invited a few EIT female alumni from a wide range of sectors for a warm evening full of interesting conversations and exchanges on what it means to be a leader, how do they approach their development journey, and what their personal struggles and success stories are! Our guest speakers were Maria Kanov, Audry Zoncsich Kaune and Marilu Valente!


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[email protected] is a community which aims to activate the power of women in European innovation and entrepreneurship. Our members are people affiliated with all the EIT communities who want to network, learn from, and exchange with likeminded people. Together we support the shift towards a more gender-equal European ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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